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My name is Sebastián Jaramillo, an over-caffeinated product strategist & pixel-addict solving meaningful problems through design and technology.

I specialize in product strategy and management and have over 15 years of experience working in different areas of digital businesses. I believe delivering truly delightful experiences starts with caring about your customers. I am here to help you reach your true product potential so your business can deliver compelling value to your customers.

I am currently pursuing a new venture that, while in stealth mode, is a combination of great passions of mine (stay tuned for more). Most recently, I worked as a Product Strategist for Wandr, a Product Strategy and UX consulting firm based in Los Angeles, CA. Before that, I worked as a Senior Product Manager for Twilio, a cloud communications platform company based in San Francisco, California.

I have a strong background covering a broad spectrum, from working on Digital Strategy to User Experience and Interface Design to Front-End Development. Design and technology have been essential elements in my life. I have combined all these experiences and found a career in product management. Please check my LinkedIn profile if you want to review other things I've done.

I am in love with this craft and want to work on products and companies that genuinely inspire me. If you would like to get in touch, please reach out via LinkedIn or directly at my email address: hello [at]