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Developed the creative strategy and designed beta signup for Chewylist, a network that aims to centralize the arts and entertainment community through one social networking site.

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Chewyslist is a digital community where I had the chance to participate at the birth stages of the project. My role creating this beta signup went from strategy to development. Chewyslist is a hub for creatives to collaborate and address their needs with direct access to people, resources and investors.

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Client Testimonials

Douglas Philips
Founder at XENIA MEDIA

Sebastian has a rare gift, something most people hope to expect from those they work with but seldom are fortunate enough to find in one person. It is the combination of three distinctive traits: to understand the objective of the project, to comprehend the technologies & tools needed toward reaching a mutually agreed outcome toward the objective, and to hope they treat your project as a “true partner” with genuine “care” for the outcome as if it were their own.

Usually, finding one or even two of these traits in someone is enough to bring someone on board so when you come across someone with these combined gifts you have to take note, pause for a moment and believe you must be going in the right direction, making some right decisions regarding building your team because why else would you be lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with someone as thoughtful, skilled & efficient as someone like Sebastian Jaramillo.

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Betty Teng
Producer at XENIA MEDIA

I worked with Sebastian cheek-to-jowl as teammates (in the virtual sense, given we were split between NYC and Bogota) for six intense, exciting months on building a start-up social network based out of San Francisco. As a producer managing Sebastian, I found him to be a colleague who was both mindful of sudden deadlines yet also always willing to push for the riskier, more aesthetic solution.

Working with Sebastian was like crewing together on a new, state-of-the-art sailboat. We had a lot of fun testing all the boat’s possibilities, and yet we were also aware that the vessel just had float under all conditions. Responsible, even-tempered and quick, Sebastian is an asset to any team. I have recommended him to those looking for a great web designer/developer and would do so again.

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