"How did you just do that?"- Well, here is a page that lists the tools and services that make my life easier. Also a way to thank all the people working behind these. Try them out!

Tools and services I use and recommend


These are the apps I use on a daily basis to get my work done.

Under the Hood:

Without these frameworks and technologies my work wouldn't be the same. These communities are the super heroes of the Web Development world.


These guys are the other half of the web super heroes. Amazing services that help me maintain my sites and projects afloat.

Special Thanks:

People who have inspired or contributed to my work in one way or another.

  • Susana Martínez (@sumartinezruiz). For her patience and inspiration. Endless help and a billion copy editing corrections.
  • David Dexter (@dpdexter). For complaining 4 months in a row about me using SVN and then convincing me to switch to Git. Can't thank him enough.