A group of experts ready to help. When your project is in need of additional resources, the team can be complemented with the experience of other professionals in the creative industry.

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There are situations in which your project may need an extra hand. I have worked really hard building a network of collaborators and specialists that can help. These partnerships are here to complement my services. The expertise and experience of these professionals can help us reach exceptional results.

Great ideas are made of great people.

Content Strategy, SEO, Social Media

They build long term relationships between brands and their audiences, using high level, measurable, and efficient content that compliments a brand's overall digital strategy. EL REY makes content your best marketing tool. Because content is still king.

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Audio Visual Content Production

FOLLOW is a creative "ecosystem" that showcases your brand to the world through video marketing, captivating an enormous audience of potential customers through social media.

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Digital Strategy and Brand Development

Activa MC develops strategies that activate the relationship between your brand and the final consumer. They build digital communication strategies, concepts, and interactive pieces that are focused towards achieving marketing and communication objectives.

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Web and Mobile Design/Development

COG1 is a premier San Francisco-based interactive design and development agency that has been producing highly innovative and imaginative interactive content for nearly a decade for many of the most recognizable brands in the world.

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Digital Communication, Brand Strategy

Oakley and Partners is a digital agency. And a production shop. And a brand strategy shop. And a creative shop. They understand the medium, and understand how to craft messages that speak to consumers. And they have fun doing it.

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Digital Business

PLATAFOR.MA creates digital businesses. They connect the best ideas with the best people to create digital strategies, process them in their digital ecosystem, and launch them into the market, challenging the status quo.

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Husani Oakley

Digital Strategy, Creative and Technical Direction

An award-winning technical director and agency leader who specializes in managing groups of programmers and working with creatives to bring brand stories to life.

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Matt Allard

Interactive Design, Development

Matt has been working for the past 10 years with interactive design and development, with large companies and agencies, helping them develop a creative niche in the interactive market.

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Greg Hoin

Branding, UI Design, Front-End Development, Mobile

A scientist turned designer, Greg combines rigorous technical skills with a taste for clean, efficient, and elegant design.

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Daniel Jaramillo

Photography, Graphic Design

Daniel is a Colombian graphic designer and photographer, with experience in brand development, package design, and traditional media.

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Daniel Salazar

Content Strategy, SEO, Social Media

Daniel has a major in anthropology and literature but has dedicated his life to digital communications. With Contenidos EL REY, he has developed successful marketing and social media strategies for different brands in Latin America.

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Andrés Jaramillo

Sports Photography

Andres is a Colombian based sports photographer with a great passion for outdoors and mountain bike. He lives and breathes sports.

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Sebastián Guarín

Advertising and Video Production

Sebastian works as an advertiser, making design and video production. He has experience developing ideas from concept to final product.

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Alvaro Barriga

Creative Strategy, Communication

Alvaro is absolutely passionate about creative communication and digital marketing. Directing his own digital agency, Activa MC, he has created several success stories for multiple Latin American brands.

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Patrick Sean Gibson

Design, Illustration

His Chocolate Covered Brain Cells are so rich with energy, it can make you sick.

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Nicolás Serrano

Creative Direction, 3d Modeling

Nicolas has worked as a creative director for brands like Nokia, Citibank, Diageo, Movistar, Allians, Nestle, and Oracle. He specializes in creative development, implementations, and digital signage.

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Justin Mahon

Web, WordPress, and Drupal Development

Senior Developer riding the wave of technology day by day in the bay.

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Neil Tan

Front-End Development

Neil is a Front End Web Developer living in Brooklyn, New York. His specialties are HTML, CSS & JavaScript, Mobile web and cooking.

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Jeremy Le Van

User Interface Design

An interface designer, who strives to create user-friendly, standards compliant web and mobile interfaces.

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Felipe Castro Salvador

User Interface Design

Felipe is a full-time passionate web designer. His specialties range from User Interface Design, to Front-End Development, and branding design. He is also a soccer aficionado, a video game addict, and a music lover.

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