My name is Sebastián Jaramillo.

I am a problem solver & pixel-addict.

I hand-craft creative web solutions with solid strategies, user-centered designs, and powerful technologies.

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Integral Services and Solutions

I help individuals and organizations bring ideas to life through thoughtful, design-oriented solutions. I can execute, lead, or become an adviser to your project. I work as a web strategy consultant and specialize in Front-End Development.

01 Strategy

Building solid strategies as the foundation of a successful project. I lead and develop effective strategies with pragmatic and goal-oriented processes. The ultimate goal is to understand and achieve business objectives.

02 Design

Crafting engaging experiences for the evolving web. Today we face more complex challenges that require adaptive user interfaces. I can create responsive solutions that will prepare you for a more diverse web.

03 Technology

Implementing a reliable and scalable foundation for your project. I can help you create responsive and practical solutions. I design and implement development strategies that fit budget and project objectives.

04 Consulting

Helping individuals and organizations become more productive. I can optimize your production workflows, help implement new technologies, and train your team on different development topics.

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Following a realistic, practical, and goal-oriented process is the key to achieving concrete and successful solutions.

Stage 0: Discovery

Getting to know you and your project. We will review its objectives, what you want to achieve, and discuss possible solutions. Ultimately a project proposal is presented and approved to move forward.

Stage 1: Strategy

This is the planning stage of the project. We will understand what your goals and objectives are, and develop a solid and realistic plan to achieve them. Time to officially get the project going.

Stage 2: Production

This is an iterative stage that cycles around strategy, design, and development. Today's web requires us to work differently: we will prototype, review, and refine our product as we go.

Stage 3: Evolution

Once the project has been launched, is time to evolve. To assure achieving all business objectives, we must track and measure the progress of the website, and help it evolve into a better solution.

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Some of the great clients I have worked with

  • Client : BRM
  • Client : Incase
  • Client : Activa MC
  • Client : Oakley + Partners
  • Client : Hada S.A.

"From strategy development to technical implementation and from creative designs to project management; Sebastián was the perfect partner for our web project. He is an engaged, enthusiastic, and experienced web developer that doesn’t shy away for trying out new ideas and for coming with innovative solutions. Sebastián always put in his expertise and energy to find the best way forward; for us as well as for the users of our website."

Peter Teuscher | Founder at BSD Consulting

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